Production Sound & Video Services

Production Sound & Video Services is a multi-faceted supplier of audio and video equipment for single and multi-camera productions, corporate presentations, meetings and special events.

Our inventory is continually expanding and our staff is always adapting to meet the changes in technology and the needs of our clients. In addition, the department maintains a wide variety of Visual Monitors including the latest in flat screen technology. These are all available for playback and in great demand by set decorators.

Our graphics staff is available to design, animate and program for computer playback, video graphics, smart phones and tablets – custom screen content creation from pre-production design to playback on set and finished compositions in Post Production.


Our services include:
Equipment Rentals
Location Sound Packages
Wireless Microphones
Multi-Camera (live audience) Packages
On-Set Visual Displays:
Motion Graphics content creation
Compositing for Green-Screen Monitors in Post
Interactive Computer Content
Computer display playback
HD Video playback
24 frame video playback
Digital projection
LCD and Plasma displays
Equipment Rentals
Computer Playback Equipment
HDSDI Routing & Signal Processing
Color Correction for Digital Acquisition
Cameras – HD & SD
Single Camera Video Assist Packages
Multi-Camera Video Assist Packages
Equipment Rentals
Wireless & Hardwire Intercom Systems
A/V Presentations:
Equipment Rental, Installation & Staffing
Multi-Media Application
Audio & Video Package Design & Installation
On-Site Technical Support
Wireless Microphones & Intercom Systems for Live & Live-to-Tape Productions


  • Equipment Rentals

    Equipment Rentals

  • Engineering


  • Walkie-Talkies


  • Equipment Rental Check-Out & Return

    Equipment Rental Check-Out & Return

  • Visual Display Creation

    Visual Display Creation