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The Property Department was established in the early days of the Studio to house the treasures and antiques from the very first Warner Bros. productions. Today, we have grown to over 200,000 square feet, encompassing four floors of set dressing. We feature the largest selection of furniture, rugs, drapery, lighting and hand props from ultra modern to rare antiquities from Hollywood’s Golden eras. In addition to our vast array of unique, antique and period set dressing, “The Collection” area of the Property Department houses the most contemporary and cutting edge furnishing in a convenient one-stop shopping experience.

We have over 80 years worth of filmmaking props and set dressing available for rental to the film, television, commercial and event industries. Our inventory is too large to fully list – it is worth a visit to see what we have to offer.


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Rental Inventory Includes

Oval Office/White House Dressing – Rugs, Resolute Desk, Lighting, & Artwork from a broad range of former administrations. Download Oval Office Set Specs – Click Here

Antiques – Thrones, Cabinets, Seating, Lighting, Rugs from every era and continent, including a fine selection of European & American Classics.

Lighting – Chandeliers, Table Lamps, Sconces, Torchiers, Industrial, Western, Nautical, Asian & Contemporary. Over 10,000 choices to light your set.

Furnishings – Sofas, Seating, Dining & Occasional Tables of all kinds. Three Floors of options from Contemporary to Antique.

Medical Collection – Lab & Medical Props, Dead Bodies, Scientific, School Lab & Vintage Doctor’s Office.

At “The Loft” at our Ranch Facility – Office Furnishings, Statuary (light weight), Garden Furniture, Appliances, Restaurant Equipment, Street Lights, Seating Tables/Chairs and much, much more.

And in addition we also have rustic, Egyptian, Western, Garage, Bar & Restaurant, Musical, Religious, Office & Kitchen Sections – including rare antiques and statues from the early days of the Studio.


The Collection
The Collection offers a one-stop source for the most current furniture styles and trends, including lighting, accessories and smalls.
Hand Props
Filled with over 30,000 items, the Hand Prop Room caters to the Prop Master with the finishing touches and smalls to complete the set.
Cabinet & Furniture Shop
For repair and refinishing of an existing furnishing or creating a custom piece to complete your set.
Hardware Rental:
Contemporary and period hardware rental collection for all of your set dressing needs.


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  • Antique Alley

    Antique Alley

  • Aisles of Chairs & Sofas

    Aisles of Chairs & Sofas

  • Fixtures


  • Sampling from our Medical Collection

    Sampling from our Medical Collection

  • The Oval Office furnishings

    The Oval Office furnishings

  • The Collection

    The Collection

  • The Loft located @ The Ranch

    The Loft located @ The Ranch

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    Rental Check-Out & Return