In June 2014, Warner Bros. Post Production Services and its Warner Bros. Game Audio department worked with Profile Studios to launch the Studio’s first-ever Virtual Production Stage.

The state of-the-art facility is located inside Stage 30 at the Warner Bros. Ranch just up Hollywood Way from the main lot. The new Virtual Production Stage offers 2,400 square-feet space outfitted with 42 prime Optitrak cameras to capture motion across the entire space. Sensors on the actors’ bodysuits are captured by these special cameras and then used to inform computer programs as to how the final image should look on screen. Under the direction of Warner Bros. Post Production, the actors’ voice performances are recorded as well, eliminating the need to lay in audio tracks later. These audio and video processes help filmmakers capture movement, emotion and character reactions in ways never before possible. Building further on this innovation, the stage’s lighting grid is composed entirely of Warner Bros. Studio Facilities’ propriety LED lights which are energy efficient and generate little to no heat. All the lights are linked and consistent in terms of luminance with no variances in color temperature and shadows, resulting in excellent capture of data.

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