How To Become A Client

General Credit Application/COI

Thank you for your interest in Warner Bros. Studio Facilities. Please find below our General Credit Application to be used when requesting a line of credit for a WBSF department. Included with the application are instructions, a sample certificate of insurance and sample W-9. Please pay close attention to the instruction when completing your application. When complete, please email the credit application and Certificate of Insurance to In the email subject line, please use the following description: Request for Credit with WBSF – Company Name and Project Name.

You may also fax the information to (818) 954-3752. It takes three to five days to determine if a line of credit will be granted. If rentals are required prior to approval, please handle your order as a COD with the department.

General Credit Application Packet

Sample Certificate of Insurance

For urgent new account credit status, please contact one of the following team members:

For urgent billing inquires please contact one of the following team members:

COD/Credit Card

Credit Card authorizations are by department. Please fill out the appropriate form and fax back to that department.

Costume Department

Fax completed Costume Dept. Credit Card Authorization & Project Info Sheet to 818.954.3685.

Costume Department Credit Card Authorization

Costume Project Information Sheet

*Costume Department requires the Project Information Sheet filled out for all projects.

Property Department

Fax completed Property Dept. Credit Card Authorization to 818.954.4965

Property Department Credit Card Authorization

Drapery Department

Fax completed Drapery Dept. Credit Card Authorization to 818.954.3428

Drapery Department Credit Card Authorization